Animoca Brands Corporation signs deal to expand trading of blockchain-based digital assets

16 Jan, 2019 16:00
source: 香港奇点财经 Singularity Financial

Animoca is partnering with a company overseeing the world’s largest purpose-built blockchain e-commerce platform designed for trading virtual items.

Animoca Brands Corporation Ltd (ASX:AB1) has executed a term sheet for collaboration and an exchange of value with Exposition Park Holdings SEZC, the company overseeing the Worldwide Asset eXchange, or WAX.

Since its launch in July 2018, WAX has become the biggest blockchain in the world by transaction volume, with more than 5 million peer-to-peer trades of digital collectables every day.

WAX is like the Amazon or eBay of digital items and provides a ready market for item sellers and buyers.

Animoca is collaborating with WAX to drive mass-market adoption of blockchain-based collectable virtual items and to use WAX’s millions of daily transactions to expand the reach of its subsidiary Pixowl’s The Sandbox into the gamer community.

The Sandbox is a decentralised, community-driven platform where creators will be able to monetise digital assets and gaming experiences on the blockchain.