LUI Che Woo Prize Reveals 2019 Laureates

30 Aug, 2019 17:38
source: Singularity Financial

A warm congratulations to the three laureates of the 2019 LUI Che Woo Prize! They are The Nature Conservancy, winning the Sustainability Prize; Dr. Jennifer A. Doudna, winning the Welfare Betterment Prize; and Ms. Fan Jinshi, winning the Positive Energy Prize.

Each of these laureates is doing fantastic work to help create a better and more harmonious world – a goal which is shared by everyone at the LUI Che Woo Prize. By recognising the laureates’ efforts and achievements, we can collectively help to promote our global civilisation and make significant strides forward into a brighter future, hand-in-hand.

The Nature Conservancy, Dr. Doudna and Ms. Fan were officially announced as the 2019 LUI Che Woo Prize laureates at a press conference on Monday 19 August. Special guests in attendance included Dr. Lui Che Woo, Founder & Chairman of the Board of Governors cum Prize Council of the LUI Che Woo Prize, who was accompanied by Dr. Moses Cheng Mo-chi, member of the Board of Governors and Professor Lawrence J. Lau, Chairman of the Prize Recommendation Committee.

(right to left) Dr. Moses Cheng Mo-Chi, member of the Board of Governors, Dr. Lui Che Woo, Founder & Chairman of the Board of Governors cum Prize Council and Professor Lawrence J. Lau, Chairman of the Prize Recommendation Committee.

Meet the 2019 Laureates

Sustainability Prize

The Nature Conservancy

This year’s Sustainability Prize has been awarded to The Nature Conservancy – a spectacular organisation dedicated to tackling some of the world’s most important sustainability challenges. Working across the globe for over half a century, The Nature Conservancy positively impacts conservation efforts in 72 countries across six continents, working with 400 scientists and over 1 million members to make a difference. The incredible achievements of The Nature Conservancy throughout the years include protecting 50 million hectares of land, preserving 8,000 kilometres of rivers, safeguarding 400 million acres of coral reefs and marine waters, and much more. And, in Hong Kong, The Nature Conservancy is doing exciting work through youth initiatives to impact over 400 Hong Kong students across 77 schools with educational activities and conservation projects.

Ms. Sally Jewell, Chief Executive Officer of The Nature Conservancy said, “The LUI Che Woo Prize is an incredible endorsement of the work of The Nature Conservancy and the role that we play in catalysing action. It will bring us visibility and we hope that it will also bring more visibility to the LUI Che Woo Prize itself, which recognises people and organisations providing solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges – to help create a future where people and nature thrive together.”

Welfare Betterment Prize

Dr. Jennifer A. Doudna

Like most other celebrated scientific achievements, Dr. Jennifer A Doudna’s discovery has the power to positively affect the lives of millions of people, in practically every corner of the globe. Dr. Doudna, recipient of the 2019 Welfare Betterment Prize, is the co-inventor of one such technology. It’s called CRISPR-Cas9, and it is a ground-breaking discovery that allows genetic materials to be added, removed or altered in animal and plant cells in a more efficient, accurate and economical way – opening the door to treating or preventing inherited genetic disorders like cystic fibrosis or sickle cell disease; treating complex diseases such as cancer, heart disease and HIV; and engineering crops with enhanced nutritional value and resistance to climate change.

Dr. Doudna is passionate about making this exciting new technology available to as many people as possible, to better people’s lives across all walks of society. She also speaks out for bioethics, encouraging her findings to be used in the right way so that they can best benefit human welfare. She commented, “Genome editing is a powerful technology and an important tool going forward but it also requires appropriate regulation to ensure that it’s used safely and responsibly. It’s been very important to me to be involved actively in that conversation internationally to be encouraging discussion about the use of genome editing and to be thinking with my colleagues, my collaborators and my fellow scientists about how we ensure safe deployment in genome editing in humans plants and animals.”

Positive Energy Prize

Ms. Fan Jinshi

It is impossible to meet Ms. Fan Jinshi and not walk away inspired by her dedication and devotion to a life-long pursuit – protecting the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang, China. The beauty of her spirit parallels the beauty of the Grottoes themselves, which she has studied and preserved for more than 56 years. Having overcome great obstacles throughout the years, she has nevertheless been a steadfast and sensitive leader to her team; pushing forward cultural work which has resulted in substantial leaps in the world’s archaeological and historical understanding of the 1,600-year-old Grottoes and their treasured collection of Buddhist art. Her positive energy inspires others to persevere through their own challenges and setbacks; and it’s no surprise that her whole-life contribution to protecting an important world heritage site has earned her the nickname “Daughter of Dunhuang”.

Awarded the 2019 Positive Energy Prize, Ms. Fan said, “Receiving the LUI Che Woo Prize is a great honour. My work over the years for the Mogao Caves has been undertaken not for myself, but rather in service of the awe-inspiring culture, art and history embodied by this unique site. I hope that my winning the LUI Che Woo Prize in the category of Positive Energy will encourage everyone to more strongly consider the importance of our shared heritage and connection as people of the world.”

The LUI Che Woo Prize team is now eagerly preparing for the Award Presentation Ceremony of the 2019 LUI Che Woo Prize, which will take place in October, 2019. Congratulations again to the three 2019 laureates!