Newly-wedded couples splurge HK$480,000 on average to crave dream weddings Skyrocketing housing prices significantly impacting loving couples’ marriage plans

7 Jun, 2019 18:42
source: 香港奇点财经 Singularity Financial

(From left) Ms. Priscilla Lo, Director of Hong Kong Asia Exhibition, Ms. Wisteria Ng, Marketing Director of Crystal Harbour Restaurant, Mr. Peter Leung, Founder and Managing Director of Bespoke Wedding, Mr. Alan Lui, Chief Operating Officer of Asia Miles, Ms. Karen Kwan, Director of MICE and Event Business of Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and Ms. Wing Yuen, Senior Sales Manager of I-PRIMO

(Hong Kong – June 7, 2019) Bespoke Wedding, the first-ever largest and all-in-one online wedding planning and verified review platform for engaged couples announced today that it has forged partnership with Asia Miles for couples to earn miles to revel in sweetness of marriages and honeymoon trips. Register for the membership of Bespoke Wedding to earn miles from today! Engaged couples can earn Asia Miles via sending quotation requests on wedding services and products, making spending, referring besties for membership registration, writing reviews on merchants’ services or participating in promotional events, all on Bespoke Wedding!

Engaged couples hire 14 merchants for wedding day on average and earn privilege wedding rewards on all-in-one platform

Bespoke Wedding is dedicated to offering comprehensive and resourceful information for brides and grooms to make their weddings become the most beautiful and happiest moments once-in-a-lifetime.  The exemplary all-in-one platform is synonymous with the voice of authority of which a credible mechanism is established to guarantee that all customers’ reviews over wedding services are completely authentic to engaged couples. Having won the whole-hearted trust and faithful recognition among couples and merchants respectively, brides and grooms have based on these reviews to select their favourite wedding-related services and products. With huge number of monthly active users of 70,000 and platform’s Big Data, Bespoke Wedding has garnered insights over engaged couples’ spending patterns.

Based on thorough analysis on customers’ reviews, engaged couples have generally splurge in their weddings. Nowadays couples have considered whether they can reap prestige rewards in choosing favourite wedding-related services and products, apart from high-quality, warm and personalized services offered by merchants. The couples are eager to earn miles through various means to revel in sweet honeymoon trips. Above all, engaged couples have hired 14 merchants for wedding days on average over versatile services – including wedding venues and banquets, photography service, inimitable wedding dresses and groom wears, make-up, wedding-related jewellry plus numerous spending on trivial matters. As such, couples are eager to reap rewards on a unified platform and achieve their dream weddings with less spend.

To meet the aspirations of new generation of couples, Bespoke Wedding partnered with Asia Miles, the Asia’s leading travel and lifestyle rewards programme.

Mr. Peter Leung, Founder and Managing Director of Bespoke Wedding said, “Planning for a wedding is the first and momentous thing that a loving couple takes on together and it marks that the couple’s love and bond will last forever in lifetime. To live up to our mission of “Celebrate Excellence”, our outstanding team has been dedicated to recommending prestigious wedding services and products to couples. It not only wins the whole-hearted trust and faithful recognition among couples and merchants respectively, but also garners goodwill and reputation on our platform.” Mr. Leung said that in collaboration with Asia Miles, merchants, who are chain operators, independent brands or freelancers, can provide rewards and rebate on the marketplace to honour customers’ appreciation and fondness on their services.”

Mr. Alan Lui, Chief Operating Officer of Asia Miles said, “We are very excited to have Bespoke Wedding, the all-in-one online wedding platform, to join as one of the Asia Miles strategic partners in our 20th anniversary year. Having Bespoke on board, we now enable our members to earn miles for their once-in-a lifetime occasion. We look forward to the collaboration and making our members’ everyday life more rewarding and delightful.”

With this partnership, couples can immerse in joy of preparing their dream weddings and explore fabulous wedding offers and exciting travel experiences. Enjoy the following six incredible offers by inputting Asia Miles membership number within Bespoke Wedding Membership Profile now!

Incredible offers by Bespoke Wedding and Asia Miles

New sign-up and send

quotation requests to earn miles

Members who have completed sign-up and sent 2 quotation requests to merchants on Bespoke Wedding in the first month can earn 50 Asia Miles.

“Thank Your besties!” Offer



Refer your besties to register at Bespoke Wedding to get 30 Asia Miles.


Send a quotation request to earn miles



Earn up to 10 Asia Miles via sending a quotation request to each merchant on wedding service and product on Bespoke Wedding.

50 30 10
Purchase featured deals from merchants

Earn 1 Asia Mile for every HK$5 for purchasing featured deals on wedding services and products on Bespoke Wedding

Offer on promotional events

Members attend or make purchases during promotional events will receive up to 20,000 Asia Miles.

Write reviews to earn miles

Earn 50 Asia Miles for writing reviews on Bespoke Wedding (minimum 20 words)

$5 =1 20,000 50


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Among Bespoke Wedding’s celebrity merchants, Ms. Karen Kwan, Director of MICE and Event Business at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, Ms. Wisteria Ng, Marketing Director of Crystal Harbour Restaurant, a prestigious wedding banquet venue, Ms. Priscilla Lo, Director of Hong Kong Asia Exhibition and Ms. Wing Yuen, Senior Sales Manager of I-PRIMO, Japan’s largest wedding rings specialty store, along with Mr. Peter Leung, Founder and Managing Director of Bespoke Wedding, and Mr. Alan Lui, Chief Operating Officer of Asia Miles, will jointly officiate the launch ceremony and share their visions on exciting growth opportunities brought by the partnership between Bespoke Wedding and Asia Miles.

Bespoke Wedding unveils latest findings on engaged couples’ wedding spending and patterns

Based on a comprehensive analysis results on some 4,000 reviews and data collected from new generation of couples on the platform, their wedding’s spending and patterns are as follows:

Newly-wedded couples splurge a staggering HK$480,000 on wedding

In accordance with in-depth data analysis, newly-wedded couples have spent as much as HK$480,000 on their dream weddings on average in the past year. The top four wedding spend are “Wedding banquet”, “Wedding-related jewellry”, “Honeymoon trip” and “Wedding photography service”. Breaking down what couples spend the most on, the largest part of the budget still goes to “Wedding banquet” with an average spending of HK$230,000, while “Wedding-related jewellry” and “Honeymoon trip” follow at HK$85,000 and HK$60,000 respectively. “Wedding photography service” came fourth with an average spending of HK$60,000. Wedding is the most special and unforgettable moment for engaged couples who are willing to splurge to tie the knot.

Skyrocketing residential property prices significantly impacting loving couples’ marriage plans

A study conducted on the platform has revealed that the “Post-90s” generation has dominant spending power in wedding market in the city. Among a wide array of factors of which engaged couples have considered to plan their marriages, “residential property prices” (84%) has been the major factor that loving couples find financially hard to purchase their own flats – amplifying that high property prices and rents have crucially impacted couples’ marriage plans. The “financial status” (72%) ranked second that has showed couples prefer to have sound financial positioning before getting married, followed by other factors including “stable relationships” (56%), “family planning” (48%) and “cohabitation” (45%). The beauty of marriage is that newly-wedded couples have committed their love to each other and aside from economic consideration, couples can revel in sweet and everlasting marriage by respecting each other’s characters and sharing values, thoughts and feelings mutually.

Top four wedding services couples look for from merchants on Big Day

Based on the study, the top four wedding services loving couples look for from merchants are “Wedding banquet” (95%), “Wedding photography service” (90%), “Make-up for brides” (85%) and “Wedding dresses and groom wears” (83%). Couples have still adhered to wedding traditions while bringing their personalities to life on Big Day – a wedding that is a true reflection of who they are as a couple.

Six main considerations for couples on service selection for dream wedding

-Price, Reviews and reputation, Reference photos, Shopping rewards and rebates, Service availability, Merchants’ responsiveness

When planning the dream wedding, “Price” is still the most important consideration among loving couples in the study. “Reviews and reputation” and “Reference photos” from merchants came second and third, followed by “Shopping rewards and rebates”, “Service availability” and “Merchants’ responsiveness”. The couples have preferred selecting experienced merchants with premier services and lower prices to make their perfect wedding become reality.

Couples surfing online for all-inspiring wedding info Potential room for business growth on digital wedding planner services

Technological advancement has greatly transformed wedding planning processes as nearly 80% of couples have surfed the internet for all-inspiring and comprehensive wedding information on search engines and social media platform Facebook, enjoying every moment of planning memorable weddings. In the study, the couples have also browsed through customers’ reviews and made price comparison online (82%), whereas they have drawn inspiration for curating intriguing wedding photos searched from Google (64%).  Yet, only 15% of couples have resorted to wedding planning apps and 14% of them have planned their weddings through online platforms, as well as 10% have sent digital wedding cards to family relatives and friends via smartphones or emails. The study has illustrated that brides and grooms are still bound to resort to traditional means to plan their weddings. As it is prevalent that couples have searched for wedding information and shared their experiences on cyber networks, there is potential room for business growth on digital wedding planner services and becomes a trend to make couples’ wedding shinning and stunning in the future.