PRI signatories are delisted for not meeting the minimum requirements

29 Sep, 2020 10:32

Singularity Financial Hong Kong September 29, 2020 – Signatories delisted for not meeting the minimum requirements

The PRI supports signatories with one-on-one sessions, action plans and guiding resources over a two-year period to help them implement the changes necessary to meet the minimum requirements. Delisting is a last resort if a signatory has not met the requirements after the two-year period.

2020 is the first year of delisting signatories that have not met the minimum requirements since 2018. The final – and relatively small – number of signatories delisted reflects that:

– PRI’s extensive efforts to ensure the PRI signatory base is fully aware of the requirements has been successful;

– the two years of individual engagements with affected signatories have been successful;

– the responsible investment market has matured since the requirements were implemented in 2018; and

– the requirements on what it means to be a PRI signatory need to be increased further.

Delisted signatories

* Previous figure of 152 disclosed in the 2019 Annual Report excluded delisted signatories at time of publication.

List of organisations delisted for not meeting the minimum requirements since 2018


Organisation Signatory category AUM US$billion Country
BPE Investment manager 5.08 France
Stichting Gemeenschappelijk Beleggingsfonds FNV Asset owner 0.04 Netherlands
Corfina Capital Investment manager 0.14 Indonesia
Primary Wave IP Investment Management Investment manager 0.31 US
Delta Alternative Management Investment manager 0.05 France

In addition to the above, 23 of the 165 signatories identified as not meeting the requirements in 2018 have since either voluntarily delisted or been delisted for failure to submit their annual PRI report. Please see the PRI’s Annual Report for full disclosure of signatories delisted.