Proxy Voting Guidelines 2021

10 May, 2021 23:57
source: As You Sow

Singularity Financial Hong Kong May 10, 2021– Proxy Voting Guidelines 2021(by As You Sow)

Our Proxy Voting Guidelines, developed in consultation with Proxy Impact, are designed for socially responsible investors who want to align their proxy voting with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. Our goal is to help shareholders vote their own proxies, or provide instructions to their proxy voting services or money managers. To this end, we offer voting recommendations on resolutions commonly found on proxies. The Guidelines are not meant to be comprehensive, although we hope to expand their scope in future editions.

When shareholders demand real change, companies pay attention. If you’re an investor seeking to align your voting with your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles, download Proxy Voting Guidelines 2021 today. You will find recommendations to help you vote your shareholder proxy ballot, covering critical issues such as climate change, environmental health, and executive compensation.

The Guidelines are designed to be handed off to your investment advisor or proxy voting service, or you can use them to help you vote your own proxies.

If you own shares in a company, use your voice. Written in consultation with Proxy Impact, As You Sow’s Proxy Voting Guidelines offer an easy way to navigate the issues, learn what’s at stake, and make sure your vote matters.




Shareholder advocacy promotes environmental, social, and governance change at companies from within.

Proxy Voting Guidelines feature:

  • Guiding principles on a wide range of ESG issues like environmental management, executive compensation, corporate political activity, and more
  • Recommendations for specific votes on issues such as emissions reductions, shareholder rights, antibiotic stewardship, and board diversity

Shareholder advocacy promotes environmental, social, and governance change at companies from within.

Want to get involved, but not sure how to vote your shares? Learn the basics of shareholder advocacy and how to vote your proxy.

After you’ve read our Guidelines and know how you want to vote, download Proxy Preview,  our annual report providing in-depth analysis and expert insight on hundreds of social and environmental resolutions. Proxy Preview is co-published with Proxy Impact and the Sustainable Investments Institute.

Your vote determines how companies act on issues investors care about, potentially putting shareholder value at risk. Read the Guidelines and use your power as a shareholder to keep companies engaged. Together, we can make a difference.