RAT kit distribution enhanced

21 Apr, 2022 18:27
source: Singularity Financial

The Government said today it has enhanced the distribution arrangement of free rapid antigen test (RAT) kits to the elderly.

The Government started distributing free RAT kits to the elderly aged 60 or above through various service units on April 19 to support the elderly in getting used to self-administering RAT. Some 400,000 RAT kits were distributed to the elderly in the first two days.

There were long queues at a number of service units. Also, some elderly citizens said that they were unable to collect the RAT kits as they are neither members nor service users of the relevant service units.

To address the situation concerned, the Food & Health Bureau (FHB) immediately arranged to provide stock replenishment to individual service units these past few days.

More frequent logistical support will also be arranged in the future to avoid situations in which the elderly are unable to get RAT kits.

To facilitate the collection of RAT kits by elderly in need, two District Health Centres (DHC) and 11 DHC Expresses under the FHB, 14 Elderly Health Centres under the Department of Health, 213 District Elderly Community Centres, Neighbourhood Elderly Centres or Social Centres for the Elderly subsidised by the Social Welfare Department (SWD) and 18 district-based Chinese Medicine Clinics & Training & Research Centres operating on a tripartite collaboration model involving the Hospital Authority, non-government organisations and a local university will provide free RAT kits to all elderly persons aged 60 or above, including those who are non-members.

Elderly citizens who do not hold membership from these service units are required to collect the RAT kits in person and bring along documents such as identification documents, Senior Citizen Cards or JoyYou Cards for age verification.

In view of the service operation mode, the Day Care Centres or Units for the Elderly, Integrated Home Care Services Teams, Enhanced Home & Community Care Services Teams and Recognised Service Providers of the Pilot Scheme on Community Care Service Voucher for the Elderly subsidised by the SWD will only provide free RAT kits to their respective members and service users aged 60 or above.

To ensure more elderly in need can receive RAT kits, each person should only collect a total of five sets of free RAT kits once a day. Collection of RAT kits on behalf of other persons is not allowed.

The Government reminded the elderly that the arrangement of distributing free RAT kits will continue until the end of May and there is no need for them to rush their collection these few days nor stockpile RAT kits.