The Cyberspace Administration of China mulls stricter online oversight

8 Jan, 2021 22:04
source: Singularity Financial

Singularity Financial Hong Kong January 8, 2021 – China is making a comprehensive upgrade to its internet services regulation, giving the 20-year-old rules teeth as Beijing authorities seek to crack down on harmful online activities and fake news.

The Cyberspace Administration of China published on Friday (January 8, 2021) a draft of the updated version of its Regulation on Internet Information Service to solicit public feedback – a step that means the current rules will soon be replaced.

The draft, which accepts public feedback until February 7, is designed to “ensure the healthy and orderly development of internet information services”, as well as “maintain national security and public interest”, according to the cyberspace administration.

For the first time, the Cyberspace Administration of China defined “internet information services” within its purview to include offerings by such platforms, as well as those of news information providers and search engines.

“Now becoming more specific is mainly to help administrative departments to enforce the rules in the real world,” Shi Yuhang, a lawyer with the Huiye Law Firm, told Reuters. “After these many years, the regulatory authorities have also deepened their understanding of the industry.”