The Future of KYC Compliance is already underway

21 Apr, 2021 23:37
source: Know Your Customer
Singularity Financial Hong Kong April 21, 2021 – The Future of KYC Compliance is already underway (Source: Know Your Customer)

In 2020, a series of trends that had been in the making for years, combined with the unprecedented circumstances brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, culminated in structural changes in the overall KYC compliance function at financial institutions in Asia Pacific and around the world. This colossal shift, far from being over, is bound to shape the face of the sector for at least the next decade.

Relevant factors driving the change include:

A new way of working

As compliance teams had to perform all their functions remotely, relying on RegTech solutions enabled organisations to ensure uninterrupted provision of services without sacrificing on compliance. For companies that have embraced new automated technologies, going back to manual and inefficient processes is not an option.

Changing regulatory requirements

Pressured by the industry, central banks and financial regulators replaced diffidence with encouragement regarding RegTech adoption. The Financial Action Task Force (FATF)’s official recommendations to promote RegTech solutions for digital onboarding in April 2020 were a key turning point in this sense, followed by numerous local initiatives such as the HKMA’s white paper to promote RegTech adoption in November 2020.

Customer expectations of digital experiences

Aware of the convenience and ease of use offered by many FinTech providers, customers of financial services have new expectations. During the COVID-19 pandemic, even more aspects of our daily lives have moved online, making seamless digital experiences a “must have” across sectors. In this new environment, customer-centric onboarding journeys have become a top priority for financial institutions looking to stay relevant in a fast-changing market.

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