CES 2019:IBM的Ginni Rometty主題演講提到, 由於人工智能,100%的工作崗位會有所不同

2019年1月9日 03:35
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Artificial intelligence will destroy jobs, and it will create jobs, IBM CEO Ginni Rometty said on the CES keynote stage in Las Vegas on Tuesday. But no matter how that balance shakes out, “100 percent of jobs will be different,” she said.

IBM首席執行官Ginni Rometty周二在拉斯維加斯舉行的CES主題演講中表示,人工智能將摧毀就業機會,並將創造就業機會。 但無論如何平衡,”100%的工作將會有所不同,” 她說。

The CEO talked further about the changes on the horizon because of AI, which she said will come with the advent of “broad AI.” While “narrow” is good at learning one task in one domain and general AI is human-like in its processing capabilities, broad AI falls somewhere in between — it excels at many tasks across domains. That means it should take less training data.

Rometty進一步談到了由於人工智能而出現的變化,將會有”廣泛的人工智能”。 “狹義人工智能”指的是在一個領域學習一項任務,而”一般人工智能”是指在其處理能力方面與人類相似,但”廣泛的人工智能”介於兩者之間 – 它擅長跨域的許多任務。 這意味著它需要更少的培訓數據。

Dario Gil, IBM’s head of AI and quantum research, said general AI is “decades away,” but broad AI will serve as a stepping stone there.


As AI improves, Rometty said, organizations will be able to take greater advantage of “deep data” — granular data that often goes uncollected. IBM unveils system for more accurate weather forecasting, a new global weather forecasting system designed to provide more accurate and timely forecasts around the world. The IBM-owned Weather Company is using crowdsourced sensor data to improve local weather forecasting globally. IBM’s Weather Channel app has come under fire for its handling of data from cell phone users, but Rometty said the new forecasting capabilities will only tap data from individual cell phones with consent from the user.

Rometty表示,隨著AI的改進,組織將能夠更好地利用”深度數據” – 通常無法收集的粒度數據。IBM推出了更準確的天氣預報系統,這是一個全新的全球天氣預報系統,旨在為全球提供更準確和及時的預報。IBM擁有的Weather Company正在使用眾包傳感器數據來改善全球的本地天氣預報。 IBM的Weather Channel應用程序因處理來自行動電話用戶的數據而受到抨擊,但Rometty表示,新的預測功能只會在用戶同意的情況下從個人行動電話中獲取數據。

Quantum computing is also on the horizon, Rometty said, with the introduction of IBM’s quantum computing system. It’s “not just a lab experiment, not just a chip, it is a full system,” she said.

Rometty表示,隨著IBM量子計算系統的推出,量子計算也即將出現。 “這不僅僅是一個實驗室裡的實驗,也不僅僅是一個芯片,它是一個完整的系統.” 她說。

IBM used the expo to unveil its Q System One, which it said is the world’s first integrated quantum computing system for both scientific and commercial use. Quantum computing could one day be used to find new ways to model financial data, for example, or to optimize fleet operations for deliveries, the company said. IBM Q System One is significant because it can operate outside of research labs, where this kind of technology has traditionally been confined.

IBM利用該展會推出了Q System One,據稱它是世界上第一個用於科學和商業用途的集成量子計算系統。 例如,量子計算有朝一日可用於尋找新的財務數據建糢方法,或者用於優化交付的車隊運營,該公司表示。 IBM Q System One非常重要,因為它可以在研究實驗室之外執行,而傳統上這種技術一直受到限制。

In addition to unveiling the IBM Q System One, the company said it plans to open its first IBM Q Quantum Computation Center for commercial clients in Poughkeepsie, New York, this year. The center will have advanced cloud-based quantum computing systems, which members of the IBM Q Network — made up of Fortune 500 companies, startups, academic institutions, and national research labs — will be able to access.

除了推出IBM Q System One之外,該公司還表示計劃今年在紐約波基普西開設首個面向商業客戶的IBM Q Quantum計算中心。 該中心將擁有先進的基於雲的量子計算系統,IBM Q Network的成員 – 由財富500強公司,初創公司,學術機構和國家研究實驗室組成 – 將能夠訪問。

Rometty announced that ExxonMobil is the first energy company to join the IBM Q Network, a collaborative research effort to advance quantum computing. There are now more than 42 institutions in the network.

Rometty宣布埃克森美孚是第一家加入IBM Q Network的能源公司,這是一項推動量子計算的合作研究項目。 現在網路中有超過42個機構。

IBM received a record 9,100 patents in 2018, the company said. It had the most artificial intelligence, cloud computing, security and quantum computing-related patent grants in the industry, it noted. Last year, IBM inventors were granted 1,600 AI patterns.

IBM在2018年獲得了創紀錄的9,100項專利。 它擁有業內最多的人工智能,雲計算,安全和量子計算相關的專利授權。 去年,IBM發明人獲得了1,600項AI專利。

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) and IBM shared the launch of the CTA Apprenticeship Coalition, which aims to create thousands of apprenticeships in 20 US states. The goal is to help close the skills gap companies often face when hiring new employees. IBM says it’ll add at least 450 apprenticeships each year for the next five years. The CTA Apprenticeship Coalition offers more than 15 different apprenticeship roles in fields like software engineering, data science and analytics, and cybersecurity. The apprenticeships are also designed to help people with or without college degrees to work in various areas of tech.

消費者技術協會(CTA)和IBM分享了CTA技工培訓聯盟的成立,該聯盟旨在在美國20個州創建數千個技工培訓中心,目標是幫助縮小公司在僱用新員工時經常面臨的技能差距。 IBM表示,未來五年每年至少會增加450個技工培訓中心。 CTA培訓聯盟在軟體工程,數據科學和分析以及網路安全等領域提供超過15種不同的技工職位。 技工制還旨在幫助有或沒有大學學位的人在各種技術領域工作。

IBM is partnering with the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, which is sharing its vast amounts of anonymous data on Parkinson’s patients. The partnership aims to expand IBM’s work to understand and track the disease. Last year, IBM published research on how AI and machine learning can better detect changes in a person’s speech, which could indicate the progression of Parkinson’s.

IBM正與帕金森研究中心的Michael J. Fox基金會合作,該基金會正在分享其關於帕金森病患者的大量匿名數據。 該合作旨在擴大IBM的工作,以了解和跟蹤疾病。 去年,IBM發表了關於人工智能和機器學習如何更好地檢測一個人的言語變化的研究,這可能標記帕金森病情的進展。