2018年10月10日 10:30


On October 10, 2018, Singularity Financial Limited (“SFL”, www.sfgroup.hk) from Hong Kong and the blockchain project QuarkChain (“QKC”, www.quarkchain.io) signed a comprehensive and strategic cooperation framework agreement to achieve complementary advantages and cooperation.


Headquartered in Silicon Valley, QKC is one of the world’s largest blockchain platforms, aiming to achieve a secure, decentralized, high-throughput, and scalable blockchain technology solution that could reach processing capabilities of 100,000 TPS transactions and beyond. QKC’s state-of-the-art design solution builds a flexible infrastructure that could incorporate blockchain innovations into the needs of a variety of industries. SFL is a blockchain information media portal founded in Hong Kong. It provides independent, objective, and professional coverage on the blockchain industry and serves both the Hong Kong capital market and Southeast Asian blockchain communities with full and comprehensive support.


Today, the development of blockchain in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia has become significantly more important. The highlights of strategic cooperation between the two parties will include, but are not limited to, jointly develop and utilize regional strategic advantages for Hong Kong and its surround cities, and increasing the exposure of QKC ecological projects in Southeast Asia.

双方高度重视战略伙伴关系,将鼎力合作,优势互补,共同建设共赢的的区块链生态体系。香港奇点财经总经理赵琪女士表示:“我们欢迎硅谷的优秀项目落地香港和东南亚,我们更希望这些优秀的团队可以带动当地的区块链项目蓬勃发展。 香港奇点财经愿意成为他们生态的一份子,携手行业翘楚, 共同进步。”

The two parties will cooperate vigorously, complement each other’s strengths, and strategically build a win-win situation. Ms. Ada Zhao, General Manager of SFL, said: “We welcome the excellent projects of Silicon Valley to come to Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. We hope that these outstanding teams can promote the development of local blockchain projects. We are very happy to become part of their ecosystem.  By working with top tier industry leaders, we can make fast progress together.”

关于QuarkChain / About QuarkChain:

QuarkChain团队是由来自硅谷技术公司的底层分布式系统工程师(Google、Facebook、Uber)和中美高校的教授组成(西安交大, Georgia tech, RPI )。QuarkChain将通过搭建一个安全的、去中心化的、高吞吐能力的、可扩展的区块链底层技术方案,实现每秒超越十万级链上交易处理能力,满足区块链大规模商业应用的需求。

The QuarkChain team is comprised of distributed systems engineers from top Silicon Valley companies like Google, Facebook, Uber, and professors from Chinese and American universities like Xi’an Jiaotong University, Georgia tech, RPI and more. QuarkChain will build a secure, decentralized, high-throughput, and scalable underlying blockchain technology to achieve processing capacities of over 100,000 transactions per second, meeting the largest scale commercial application of blockchain.

关于奇点财经 / About Singularity Financial Limited:


Singularity Financial Limited (“SFL”) was founded in Hong Kong in 2018. Its main business is a multi-language Fintech and Blockchain information portal serving Hong Kong and South Asia. It provides real, objective, and impactful opinions. SFL consistently relies on various new media and social platforms at home and abroad. By working with various large-scale professional media outlets and education and consulting teams globally, SFL is able to interact with online and offline communities very swiftly.



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QuarkChain INC. –
Autherine Xiang, CMO
4151 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA 94303

奇点财经Singularity Financial Limited –
Echo Luo, Media Relations
Suite 2101-2105, 21/F, Sun Hung Kai Centre
30 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong